The Claus Effect by David Nickle and Karl Schroeder

Nickle and Schroeder write with a fine ear for the disturbingly perverse, and their story is as sick and twisted a version of Santa Claus as I have ever encountered. Any parents that expose their children to this little bit of nastiness should be put away at once.
—Prairie Fire

The Door in the Mountain by Caitlin Sweet

“. . . [The Door in the Mountain] . . . is very well written. Sweet goes into lavish detail when describing the characters and setting as well as in correlating the events of the story with their mythological precedents. There is a strong focus on imagery that makes the story almost come alive as the reader can easily [imagine] being in the fictional world that she creates.

Knife Fight and Other Struggles by David Nickle

David Nickle’s Knife Fight and Other Struggles is a collection of thirteen unique glimpses into the weird. Dynamic imagination, masterful writing of both the every day and the nightmare, characters that breathe, and a dark sense of humour make this a keeper. If you’ve not yet read Nickle’s fiction, Knife Fight is a great place to start. If you have, you’ve no doubt already bought this book.
—World Fantasy Award-winning author Jeffrey Ford

We Will All Go Down Together by Gemma Files

[We Will All Go Down Together is] a vivid, haunting mix of horror and fantasy woven together through a complex fugue of short stories. The effect is powerful. It’s a book you have to work hard at, in order to make sure you’re not missing any of the peripheral connections. But it rewards the effort, and then some.

Gifts for the One Who Comes After by Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall is a writer who creates real people in real situations, then uses the fantastic to pry her way inside her readers’ ribcages and break us wide open.
—Neil Gaiman

Head Full of Mountains by Brent Hayward

[T]he full power of the story does not hit until after the final word is read. I found myself liking the novel once I finished it but it was only later that night when I could not sleep due to the novel almost haunting me that I came to truly appreciate just how good Head Full of Mountains really is.

Haxan by Kenneth Mark Hoover

[Haxan] is a mixture of western and urban fantasy, with a cold, moody atmosphere . . .

Irregular Verbs and Other Stories by Matthew Johnson

Readers interested in modern speculative fiction would be strongly recommended to make this their next choice.

Fearful Symmetries

This is one of the consistently strongest new horror, weird, and dark fiction anthologies I have read in quite a while, including others by Datlow. In most collections, some stories, horrific or not, are instantly forgettable: the stories in Fearful Symmetries overwhelmingly linger in the mind.

Shadows and Tall Trees 2014

If you’re as passionate about horror short stories as we are, then this really is a must buy.

The Night Inside by Nancy Baker

Inside is at times bleak, rife with captors that love torture and snuff films and create both. However, within this story of incest, greed, necrophilia, and a multitude of other horrors, Baker pens some beautiful descriptions. I appreciated her ability to get at the core of what motivates her characters and lay it bare for the reader to see, no matter how disturbing that truth may be.
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Nov 28, 2014

CZP's Black Friday Sale!

It's ChiZine's BLACK FRIDAY SALE - 80% off all eBooks - Now through Cyber Monday (Nov. 28th to Dec. 1st)

Oct 29, 2014

Imaginarium 3: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing ToC Announced

The Table of Contents for Imaginarium 3: The Best Canadian Speculative Fiction (the reprint anthology previously known as Imaginarium 2014) edited by Sandra Kasturi and Helen Marshall, is now available, as are the honourable mentions!

Table of Contents

  • Anderson, Colleen, “The Book with No End”
  • Arthur, James, “Frankenstein’s Monster”
  • Ashby, Madeline, “Social Services”
  • Carroll, Siobhan, “The Correspondence between the Governess and the Attic”
  • Carson, Anne, Red Doc (excerpt)
  • Cayley, Kate, “Girls Watch in the Mirror at Midnight for a Vision of a Future Husband”
  • Cayley, Kate, “Neanderthal Man, Theory and Practice”
  • Chiykowski, Peter, “A Charm for Communing with Dead Pets During Surgery”
  • Chiykowski, Peter, “Turing Tests”
  • Conn, Jan, “In the Year Two Thousand Eleven”
  • Crate, Joan, “Jazzman/Puppet”
  • Das, Indrapramit, “The Runner of n-Vamana”
  • Davidson, Craig, “Firebugs”
  • Doctorow, Cory, “By His Things You Will Know Him”
  • El-Mohtar, Amal, “Lost”
  • Elza, Daniela, “:axiom: the calling” (excerpts)
  • Files, Gemma, “Trap-Weed”
  • Files, Gemma, “Oubliette”
  • Friis, Laura, “Ushakiran”
  • Gavin, Richard, “A Cavern of Redbrick”
  • Giesbrecht, Jennifer, “All My Princes are Gone”
  • Goldberg, Kim, “A Tall Girl”
  • Graham, Neile, “Ksampguiyaeps Woman-Out-to-Sea”
  • Hopkinson, Nalo, “The Easthound”
  • Howerow, Louisa, “Harvesting Lost Hearts”
  • Humphrey, Claire, “Your Figure Will Assume Beautiful Outlines”
  • Johnson, Matthew, “Salt and Iron Dialogues”
  • MacLeod, Catherine, “The Salamander's Waltz”
  • MacNeil, Tamara, “Said the Axe Man”
  • Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, “Nahuales”
  • Neville, Kim, “The Fairy Godmother”
  • Nickle, David, “Black Hen à la Ford”
  • Priest, Robert, “Jinx”
  • Richardson, Robin, “Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis”
  • Richardson, Robin, “How Gods Go on the Road”
  • Rooke, Leon, “Conditional Sphere of Everyday Historical Life”
  • Ryman, Geoff, “Rosary and Goldenstar”
  • Strantzas, Simon, Stemming the Tide”
  • Tolmie, Jane, “Book of Vole” (Excerpts)
  • Villegas, Halli, “Fishfly Season”
  • Wise, A.C., “Lesser Creek: A Love Story, A Ghost Story”

Honourable Mentions

  • Alguire, Steve, “Driven Out”
  • Ashby, Madeline, “Permacultures”
  • Atwood, Margaret, “Cat's Robo-Cradle”
  • Bao, Lisa, “In the Courts of the Khan”
  • Burgess, Tony, “Soft Shell Story”
  • Chamberlain, Gregg, “Jimmy Smith Has a Dinosaur”
  • Clink, David, “A Conversation Between a Time Traveller and his Apprentice”
  • Das, Indrapramit, “Karina Who Kissed Spacetime”
  • El-Mohtar, Amal, “A Hollow Play”
  • Favro, Terri, “Cold Comfort”
  • Graham, Neile,”With Bats in Our Belfry, Dear, Earth Water and Sky”
  • Hannett, Lisa L. & Slatter, Angela, “By Blood and Incantation”
  • Hannett, Lisa L., “Snowglobes”
  • Heartfield, Kate, “For Sale by Owner”
  • Heartfield, Kate, “Word for Word”
  • Hoffmann, Ada, “And All the Fathomless Crowds”
  • Hoffmann, Ada, “The Mother of All Squid Builds a Library”
  • Hoffmann, Ada, “The Tooth Fairy Throws In the Towel”
  • Humphrey, Claire, “Haunts”
  • Jensen, Jan Lars, “Goliath of Gath”
  • Jones, Scott R, “Turbulence”
  • Katelnikoff, Joel, “Girl, Gun, Zigzag”
  • Kelly, Michael and Ray Cluley, “Other Summers”
  • Kernaghan, Eileen, “Night Journey: West Coast”
  • Künsken, Derek, “The Dog's Paw”
  • Lalumière, Claude, “Empathy Evolving as a Quantum of Eight-Dimensional Perception”
  • Lamb, David J., “Love Should Grow”
  • Larson, Rich, Let's Take This Viral
  • Matheson, Michael, “Hungry Ghosts”
  • Moloney, Susie, “The Windemere”
  • Moloney, Susie, “The Neighbourhood, or, To the Devil with You”
  • Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, “Cemetery Man”
  • Neville, Kim, “One Shoe Highway"
  • Nickle, David, “Knife Fight”
  • Parisien, Dominik, “My Child Has Winter in his Bones”
  • Pflug-Back, Kelly Rose, “The River”
  • Ridler, Jason, “Forsaken Beneath the Stars”
  • Rogers, Ian, “Day Pass”
  • Strantzas, Simon, “Dwelling on the Past”
  • Trudel, Jean-Louis, “Trois relations de la fin de l'écrivain”
  • Weatherbie, Rod, “Tribune Head”
  • Watts, Peter, “Firebrand”
  • Wise, A.C., “For the Removal of Unwanted Guests”
  • Wise, A.C., “Her Last Breath Before Waking”
  • Wise, A.C., “With Tales in Their Teeth, From the Mountain They Came”
  • Yin, Anna, “The Path”
  • Youers, Rio, “The Widow”
  • Yuan-Innes, Melissa, “A Quest for the Vulture Gods”

Jun 29, 2014

CZP's Canada Day/Independence Day Blow-Out! July 1-4, 2014

It's summertime—take a ChiZine author to the (dark, apocalyptic) beach with you!

It's time to celebrate the red, white & red here in Canada, and the red, white & blue with our cousins to the south!

CZP's entire ebook backlist (2008-2013) is on sale—for only 99 cents each—for 4 days only!

Sale is from July 1st, 12:01 a.m. EST through July 4th, 11:59pm EST.

Check it out!


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Years Best Weird Fiction #2

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